Innisfree the minimum moist cream 40ml

What it is

1. A hypoallergenic formula comprising less than 10 ingredients 
2. A deep-hydration cream for sensitive skin that forms a moisture barrier onto the skin with shea butter extract to help relieve itching associated with dry skin and keep the skin moist 
3. Madecassoside strengthens the skin barrier to keep it healthy 
- Dermatologist tested 
- Proven to be hypoallergenic 
- Sensitivity tested by a panel 

How to use

After allowing the ampoule to fully absorb onto the skin, take an appropriate amount(2cm in diameter) of cream onto the back of your hand and use fingertips to apply onto cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Gently press to allow the formulas to absorb into the skin.


Product Weight (Gram) 60

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