Innisfree Derma Formula Skin Barrier Cream 50ml

1. Natural ceramide from Jeju green tea 
Natural green tea ceramide extracted from rich unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid, linoleic acid, etc.) of rare green tea seeds harvested only once a year reinforces the skin barrier and forms a moist water layer. 

2. Ceramide protects the skin and reinforces the barrier 
It thoroughly nourishes fragile skin and builds a strong skin barrier with deep hydration, making the skin become relaxed. 
[contains 3% ceramide] 

3. Instantly fits the skin in a high-density formula 
The high-density cream formula smoothly fits the skin as soon as it is applied, making the skin healthy with a powerful and rich sensation in just a single touch. 


Dispense an appropriate amount and spread smoothly after cleansing every morning and evening. 

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