Innisfree Black Green Tea Serum 50ml



1. Made from Jeju fermented green tea – black green tea 
It contains 67.5% fermented Jeju green tea squeeze, a great antioxidant and moisturizer obtained through the fermentation of fresh organic Jeju green tea leaves and twice ripened together with cedar over a period of 100 days. 

2. Fermentation to boost anti-oxidative power 
Fermentation boosts the anti-oxidative benefits of Black Green Tea, enabling it to deliver high moisturising and nourishing effects to keep the skin clean and healthy. 

3. New essence formula stabilized with fine particles 
It has a new essence formula, stabilized with fine particles to ensure effective delivery of antioxidants and moisture to the skin. 


Apply an appropriate amount over face and neck, then gently pat for better absorption. 


After-fermented black green tea obtained through a lot of time and effort 

Pesticide-free Jeju green tea leaves are carefully fermented, and then matured for 100 days throughout two stages. This precious Black Green Tea is the after-fermented green tea obtained through a lot of time and effort. 
Black Green Tea with more beneficial substances and greater antioxidant effect after fermentation & maturing provides Gallic Acid for your skin to make it clean and firm. 
Product Weight (Gram) 92

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