Innisfree Black Green-tea Mask 80ml



1. Formula with black green tea, an after-fermented green tea called the "black label of green tea" Contains 55.0% black green tea made of pesticide-free Jeju green tea leaves that have been fermented and then matured for 100 days throughout two stages. 

2. Double care effect by after-fermented green tea water and leaves 
This mask infused with after-fermented green tea leaves provides your skin with cooling & soothing effects, and removes excess dead skin cells while rinsed off to make your skin clean and soft. 

3. Antioxidants of black green tea for a clean skin 
Richer antioxidants of black green tea after fermentation deliver deep moisture and nourishment to your skin to make skin texture clean and transparent. 


Clarify your skin with a toner after cleansing and gently smooth over the face, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Rinse with lukewarm water after 10~15 minutes. 


After-fermented black green tea obtained through a lot of time and effort 

Pesticide-free Jeju green tea leaves are carefully fermented, and then matured for 100 days throughout two stages. This precious Black Green Tea is the after-fermented green tea obtained through a lot of time and effort. 
Black Green Tea with more beneficial substances and greater antioxidant effect after fermentation & maturing provides Gallic Acid for your skin to make it clean and firm.
Product Weight (Gram) 182

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