As online shop established in 2019, it was started with the fact that my skin wasn’t always great, I suffer from quite oily skin which is very prone to acne, which continued well into my 40s and beyond. I struggled to find what could curb my hormonal acne. I became immersed in the world of K-Beauty after a friend recommended it. Since I started using k-beauty products, I have learned to approach skincare differently with better result.

 The experience Inspired me that I and a friend founded ess3nza, three years later.

We created our proper Korea cosmetics store with Innisfree products, the first Korea beauty brand to make a name in western countries, beloved K-Beauty first all-naturalism oriented cosmetics, effective and affordable for people all over the world, and with that Ess3nza was created.


Ess3nza online shop proudly offers you unique collections of Innisfree skin care products, makeup and tools with the most suitable prices and constant sales throughout the year, and the most effortless process to purchase. 

We make continuous efforts to provide an outstanding delivery coupled with the lowest prices online. We value our clients, and we are always working on offering the highest quality at every opportunity.

Our Vision is Clear

It’s crystal-clear we want to bring you products that does exactly what it says that you will love. We fulfill that vision by working around the clock, partnering with innisfree top most distributors, no middle man in between, offering best South Korea effective  eco-friendly skin care  products available.


INNISFREE is a natural beauty brand that sources its ingredients from the pure and pristine island of Jeju.. Innisfree pursues an eco-friendly life to preserve the balance of nature. They use only pure ingredients in their products and use eco-friendly containers for packaging.

Our shop offers a multitude of Innisfree products, we source our products direct from INNISFREE distributors from South Korea to bring you the best priced items all in one page, whether you are looking for masks, sheet mask, cleanser, serums for normal or trouble skin ,  pore care products to curb those cystic acne or  moisturizer to ease your dry skin, we have it all!

We try our best to customize your online shopping experience in a personal way by offering a wide range of options for every customer and by ensuring your package and order gets to you in time in excellent condition.

Our passion ensures the most effortless process to purchase and making our service goes beyond weekdays. We're here for you 24/7.


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