Oct 01 , 2021

What is Innisfree?

Innisfree is the number one beauty brand in Korea. Innisfree is at the forefront of the global K-beauty trend.

We combine Korean heritage and fast-paced cycle of innovation to deliver reasonably priced, personalized solutions that help maintain the youthful glow of skin.

Innisfree creator Sunghwan Suh's mission started in his childhood when he spent countless hours watching his mother artfully designed the finest camellia oil beauty treatments. His tireless quest to carry on with this tradition finally brought him to Jeju Island. Jeju Island and its unrivalled green tea fields formed the basis for Innisfree in 2000. From there, Innisfree used cutting-edge extraction methods to maintain their integrity and potency from plant to bottle, to unlock the skin care benefits of more than 15 ingredients safely obtained from the island. Innisfree continues to explore new ways to tap the wonders of the unique natural reserves of Jeju Island to deliver skin care solutions for any concern.

Our name “Innisfree” is influenced by 'William Butler Yeats' The Lake Isle of Innisfree, a lyrical poem that expresses a desire to leave behind urban life for a lovely, peaceful island, where you can enjoy the abundance of the fruits of nature. Jeju Island is a unique oasis which offers a sensorial escape from the fast-paced daily life and a rejuvenating moment in perfect harmony with nature to cultivate healthy skin.

Innisfree promotes healthy beauty through natural ingredients. It provides innovative and reasonable priced solutions for all the types of the skin. Innisfree offers an amazing escape through the wonders of Jeju island. Innisfree also protect nature’s vitality through the initiatives of eco-conscious.
Innisfree offers innovative solutions of beauty by the finest natural ingredients that is sourced from Korea’s pristine Jeju Island. This fertile oasis has a remarkable climate, with unprecedented opportunities to cultivate beautiful skin, thanks to its volcanic roots.

Their patented extraction methods preserve the purity and potency of these wholesome ingredients from plant to bottle, providing innovative formulations that tackle all skin issues safely without the use of toxic chemicals and preservatives. With nature's wonders at the heart of the Innisfree, we take care to conserve and protect the atmosphere in all that we do.

The Korean approach to beauty revolves around prevention. People from other parts of the world may not find a complete skin care regimen until they note the appearance of a blemish or fine lines, while Korean people begin to care for their skin meticulously from a very young age before any harm has been done.

They believe that if you have to tackle a problem, it's too late and it's not a choice to cover heavy makeup flaws. They conserve and protect the flawless condition of their skin to prevent ageing for as long as possible in order to attain and retain a genuinely healthy glow.

So, Innisfree provides you different variety of beauty or anti-aging products that are purely made from natural ingredients.