Jan 26 , 2021

Innisfree Cauliflower Mushroom Vital Cream


Having healthy, beautiful skin is something that we all want. Unhealthy skin can make you look dull even when you feel well. However, healthy skin can be obtained through high water intake, diet, high-quality skincare and beauty products, and protecting your skin from environmental problems, including the sun.

To take the right measures to improve the appearance and health of your skin. It's essential to determine if you've unhealthy skin, how bad it is, and what the issue is. Knowing the reason is required, so you know how to come this issue. If you eradicate the issue reason, it can be resolved instead of going away temporarily.

However, both men and women have the same skin conditions,  but  affect both gender differently. Environmental and lifestyle factors play a vital role. Females have a considerable risk of immune system diseases that affect the skin. Reproductive and hormonal differences between sexes may be partly to blame.


Some of the problems affecting women skin badly.

  1. Rosacea

It is a common skin condition that starts in middle age. It causes the face to become pimply and flushed. Painful growth may foam under the skin. Women's more easily get rosacea as compare to men, especially during menopause. People who blush easily have blood vessels that dilate easily to develop it.

  1. Acne

It's a common problem in women in their 20s, but their 50's may struggle with it. Acne develops when hair follicles in the skin clog with dead skin and oil. Hormone therapies such as birth control pills may help you. Treatment should be tailored to every woman.

  1. Skin Sensations

Your skin lets you know when it becomes unhealthy and starts itchiness, stinging, or pulling the skin. You can even feel burning sensations. These are signs that your skin needs attention. It may happen when you've applied a new product that may be causing an allergic reaction. Moreover, it could be the reason for your skin health is ignored. So, your skin wants proper attention. 

  1. Stretch marks

May you first notice stretch marks or shallow lines on your face or skin. Stretch marks can form skin is stretched in a short period. Conditions that interfere with collagen production can cause stretch marks.


However, your skin needs the best skincare and beauty cream that perfectly protects your skin and delivers you healthy moisturized skin.

Searching for the best moisturizer can seems like a challenging task when you have finicky skin. Do you go for less hydrating because it feels lighter? The search becomes more challenging on a budget if you are looking for a cream with high-quality ingredients.

It makes sense that you need to shell out extra cash for the moisturizer you like. I was one of those people. I gave up on exploring drugstore options that quickly absorb into any skin tone without breaking me out.

Various skincare and beauty cream brands in the market claim that they are best for your skin type and make your skin healthier and brighter. Hence, it's a big task for you to recognize which one is best for you and makes your skin brighter and healthier. And maybe it takes a lot of time and money to understand the right product for your skin. However, it might be possible that during this period, you may damage your skin.

So, no need to worry. We can help you with the 100% right product that completely protects your skin and gives your healthier and moisturized skin. The Innisfree is a famous brand of high-quality Korean products. It's a naturalistic brand that adopt environmentally-friendly life to protect your skin health and deliver healthy beauty to customers, capturing nature's features provided by clean island.

Innisfree Cauliflower Mushroom Vital Cream Description

To resolve your problem, we have the best Innisfree Cauliflower Mushroom vital cream. This cream delivers younger, clear skin with high-growth, moist skin, anti-aging care smooth skin texture with the high moisture anti-aging care clear, elastic skin, bright skin petty and nutritious Cream chewy texture—a chewy texture to protect the delicate corners of the mouth and eyes.

The Innisfree Cauliflower Mushroom Vital cream  is enriched with the cauliflower mushroom extract from the Jeju island for vitality and nourish the skin. The cauliflower mushroom extract tighten up and brightens your fragile, dry lip and eye area.

It conveys the potent anti-oxidant and ample moisture energy of Jeju cauliflower mushroom and beta-glucan to your skin. The highly nourishing and moisturizing anti-aging care tends to be moist and smooth, and the skin tone clear and bright. The creamy texture of the moisturizing cream conveys deep flexibility and moisture to the skin.

Moreover, it's a vital skin cream, which means it comes with a toner. In Korea, most also call toners "skins" or "Second skin" because thin fluids act as a preparing barrier for top of the real skin. The scent of toner isn't like vegetables or anything that expect from the product title. The toner comes with a thin liquid but not runny and has a sort of pale beige color.

Did it work?

It significantly absorbs into the skin, and you will feel that it did not just moisturized your skin but also hydrate it. Hydration is essential because toner cleans your skin, and Innisfree cauliflower mushroom cream gives you brighter and healthier skin.

Ingredients & key Benefits

The main ingredients of this cream are, of course, cauliflower and mushroom! Highly concentrated cream instantly nourishes the skin and adds vitality to your skin.

Cauliflower mushroom vital cream unique set contains:

  • Cauliflower mushroom vital cream 60ml
  • Cauliflower mushroom vital lotion 25ml
  • Cauliflower mushroom vital skin 25ml
  • Cauliflower mushroom vital eye & lip cream 10ml

    How to use full cauliflower mushroom set

    after cleaning your face, apply its toner, lotion, eye cream, and face cream. Apply a small amount cos its quite moist. Its eye cream is thick, so if you apply a hefty amount, there may be some discomfort. It's toner and lotion absorption are fast. It's suitable for winter weather, super nourish. Moreover, its super moisturizing effect  Last long the whole day. The next day, you will notice some brightening and radiance effect result. 

    How to apply cream

    If you're not sure how to use the Innisfree cauliflower mushroom vital cream the right way, here are some simple steps that will help you:

    1. Wash your face

    No matter what time of the day before you apply the Innisfree cauliflower mushroom vital cream, you should wash your face. This way, you will get rid of grime, sweat, makeup, etc. it allows the cream to penetrate your pores and work correctly.

    1. Use a small quantity of cream

    The best way to apply this vital cream is by using small quantities. Using more doesn't show more benefits, rather use less for easy absorption.

    1. Dab it smooth

    Apply small spots all over your face and then smoothen it out instead of taking a finger full of it. This way, you will be able to apply the cream to every bit of your face.


    Skincare creams are essential to enhance your face's beauty, also a good diet plan is essential for your good health too. Innisfree Cauliflower mushroom vital cream is the best product to moisturize your skin. We highly recommend using this cauliflower mushroom vital cream by Innisfree, and indeed, easily affordable. It's nourishing, gentle, absorbent, hydrating and makes your skin smoother and brighter.