Apr 24 , 2020

An Effective K Beauty Skin Care Routine

K-beauty is an absolute gem to the world of human beauty. These products are created with the aim of enhancing Korean beauty, fortunately, its not just for Koreans, anyone who follow the outlined routine of application will surely get an amazing result.

With no doubts, other products claim to provide a faster method of treating the skin or easily neutralizes the redness of the skin. Nevertheless, when skincare treatment is approached with immediate results in mind, the result may not last, sometimes, it can cause some damage the skin.


Korean beauty is also referred to as K-Beauty and it involves skincare ways that will help you to maintain and achieve that youthful and good looking skin that glows with or without make-up. Its focus is more on creating an amazing natural look rather than wearing make-up. There are so much benefits when we endulge in the use of K-beauty, below are a few highlighted benefits.

Very Cheap

People often think they have to spend big to buy a quality product, but when it comes to K-beauty, most of the fits stocks are sold at a very reasonable price. The customers without spending thousands of dollars can be able to buy a sheet mask, toner, face creams, and lip masks all in one package.

Contains Natural Ingredients

In certain countries, there are strict regulations that are against certain ingredients in their skincare products. But in Korea, almost everything goes, because it is mostly made by natural products.

The Koreans skincare industry uses natural ingredients that are not seen in other countries, for example, snail mucus used in cream and mask  helps to remove acne scar and hyperpigmentation likewise moisturizing and giving firmness to the skin.

Emphasis On Beauty

Fortunately k-beauty prioritized good looks as it major goal. K-beauty isn’t just about using cleanser, toner and a moisturizing lotion before going to bed, they are certain routines to be observed to attain the K-beauty look


K- beauty products have changed the skincare and make-up industry because of their consistent development in creating new and exciting products. Companies around the world are getting tips from K-beauty in other to meet up to their customers demands for creating a quality product.

The Korean -step beauty routine


This section contains 10 step routine which have proved efficient in creating good looks and a healthy skin. This routine creates a glowing glass skin over layer, giving you the most amazing look ever.

Wash with water

The first thing to start with every morning is cleaning the skin with water only. This helps to remove  impurities settled on the face during the night. It also helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Eye make-up remover

The ordinary water only removes few impurities around the eyes. The skin close to the eyes are thinner and much delicate, an ordinary cleanser like water can't remove the marks created by your previous makeup around the area without dragging the skin around, use eye make up remover instead.

Double cleanser

The oil-based cleanser is used to enable dissolve makeup and ingrained that is difficult to remove on the skin, which allows the second clean to tackle pollution and impurities within the skin pores.


It removes dirt’s from pores and also eliminate dead skin, leaving a brighter skin on the surface. The exfoliate should be applied once or twice in a week. Focus more on the pores on your check and also the nose.


The toner which already can be found in your skincare cabinet helps in removing any leftover residue from cleansing and possesses the power in helping balance moisture and balance pH levels. Our skin is like a sponge and can absorb our skincare products when it's damp.

Treatment essence

The essence is more of a hybrid of a toner and serum, that helps to provide an additional layer of defense against harm to the skin such as office air-con, hard weather due to temperature change and other skincare sins.


Serums are awesome to the skin and its aim is to solve specific skincare concerns, such as skin aging and hyperpigmentation, It is suggested that you find the one which suits and works for you. Its application can be all over the face or gently apply to some specific areas you need to give extra attention to.

Sheet mask

A sheet mask is very important to the skin. Depending on how you want to use it, either every day or weekly, its benefit is a great treat which helps to infuse lots of moisture into the skin, which gives it that elusive glass-skin glow.

Eye cream

The use of eye cream and finding the right one is important because eyes are delicate and are thinner than any other area of the face. It helps to fade the dark circles and help minimize the fine lines looks. When the skin absorbs the sheet mask, softly apply the eye cream around the areas of your eye.

Sleep Pack/Moisturiser

The best finishing for the skin is using a hydrating or detoxing overnight pack so that the face mask doesn’t wash off. It will preserve and quicken the constituent of the eight products already on the face.


K-beauty is an amazing game change in the makeup industry, it is not just a product that gives you a temporary appearance, it leaves a permanent glowing skin when washed off. Adhering to the layed out routine consistently will produce an exemptional result. K-beauty doesn’t have side effects like some beauty products that detorirates your skin when used.